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About Us


About us

KEYCON a Zambian firm and part of the Hardcat network of Australia and DCI Scanning of South Africa provides one stop automated solution for your industry. KEYCON performs professional fixed asset inventory services for organizations of all sizes and across all sectors.

Keycon Consulting helps clients manage their Fixed Asset Management & Capitalization as an end-to-end service provider covering the broad areas of capitalization, lifecycle management, and physical verification & tagging and process setup. A Solution that uses Barcodes to keep your asset register up to date.

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About Software
The software product has multiple features for fixed assets management e.g. depreciation calculation ,generating multiple reports such as the fixed assets registers, fixed assets schedules, asset tracking and asset inventory management.The software products unmatched speed and functionality, an easy-to-use interface makes the task of fixed assets accounting and physical verification of fixed assets achievable in minutes.
- Electronic Fixed Asset Management
- Electronic Inventory Management
- Electronic Record Management
- Electronic Armoury Management
- Fixed Asset Valuation
- Advisory Services

Our Partners

Deloitte Zambia

Deloitte Zambia

Deloitte & Touche Zambia (“Deloitte” or “we”) is one of the oldest established professional service firms in the country and is considered a leader in the areas of consulting, auditing, taxation, and financial advisory services.
Since 1931 their national practice has grown with the economy and aspirations of the country into a large and experienced firm providing services to a wide range of clients, including the Government, public institutions; international donor and development institutions; and the private sector. They are committed to supplying the very best professional services to public institutions, multinational and large national enterprises. They enjoy a balanced presence in all major sectors of the economy. Keycon Consulting is proud to work with Deloitte Zambia as a third party contractor, specialising in asset and inventory audits.

Hardcat Asset Management

Hardcat Asset Management

Hardcat is the complete asset tracking & management software for controlling all aspects of an asset’s life cycle from purchase to disposal. Services include full asset auditing, data capture and tagging as well as consultancy, training and support. Software options include Standalone, Client Server, Cloud, Web Based and Subscription Services.

Hardcat is not just about assets, their modular system covers everything for purchasing, stock control to problem management and health and safety. Hardcat which was founded in Melbourne Australia grew into the UK, USA as well as MEA (Middle East Africa) where a number of distributors have been appointed to enable complete geographical coverage. Keycon Consulting is proud to be a partner for the Zambian market.

The Asset Register Module is the core of the Hardcat Asset Management System, and provides the foundation for optional add-on modules to extend functionality. It's designed to collect and deliver in-depth information on the following:

  1. Product description
  2. Asset type
  3. Supplier
  4. Location
  5. Cost or profit centre or customer name
  6. Employee/owner
  7. Purchase price
  8. Insurance value
  9. Warranty information
  10. End of life
  11. Leased/owned
  12. Asset condition
  13. 9 999 other user definable fields per asset type.



DCI is a success in the Automatic Identification and Asset Audit and Tracking market with an established client base. These users vary from single item to total system supply value added resellers, incorporating all facets from consulting, supply, installation, system integration, project management, service and support.
DCI’s client base is over 3000 and active user base consists of around 2000 active users and growing.

Their products and services include:

  1. Handheld Scanners
  2. Mobile Computers
  3. Barcode label Printers
  4. Labels and labelling
  5. Software
  6. Laser Markers
  7. Thermo Transfer Ribbons

RCS Technologies

RCS Technologies

RCS Technologies are a software development house with a team of over 400 programmers. They develop applications for large corporations. Their software products TRAXX and CDOCS are used by many fortune 500 companies for Fixed Assets Management and Compliance Management.

They were the first education partner in India for Sun Microsystems and they were the largest until it was taken over by Oracle. They have tie-ups with Citrix and Veritas. Many multi-national clients use their services. Scope, Mercedes (R&D), Tesco and Nokia are a few on them.

Traxx is RCS' comprehensive Fixed Assets Management Solution. Budget & Procurement, Compliance, Tracking, Depreciation, Asset Audit and Maintenance are its functional modules.
Their Clients include:
  1. ABB
  2. Standard Chartered
  3. Honeywell
  4. Bank of America
  5. Unisys
  6. Intel
  7. Siemens
  8. Toshiba

Our Working Cycle

How we work

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2 - Asset Auditing


3 - Asset Reconcile


4 - Asset Dispose


Our services

Asset Tracking Sofware

The software product has multiple features for fixed assets management e.g. depreciation calculation ,generating multiple reports such as the fixed assets registers, fixed assets schedules, asset tracking and asset inventory management.The software products unmatched speed and functionality, an easy-to-use interface makes the task of fixed assets accounting and physical verification of fixed assets achievable in minutes.

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Consultancy & Advisory Services

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Taxation Registration and advisory with ZRA
  • Investment advisory services
  • Business Plans
  • Business Advisory services

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Electronic Fixed Asset Management

Easy-to-use, powerful electronic Fixed Asset Management software. Takes the tedium out of maintaining a fixed asset register.It helps to eliminate lost or stolen assets and reduce insurance and, if applicable, tax overpayments. Using state-of-the-art asset tracking software Windows-based barcode readers, you can conduct multiple inventories concurrently at multiple sites and reconcile data at one central location

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Electronic Inventory Management

Our software track item levels and movements, and take physical inventories or cycle counts using this comprehensive inventory tracking application and easy to use mobile computers. Ideal for tracking inventory levels and item movements in stockrooms, small warehouses, and within departments of larger organizations, this solution lets you know what you have on the shelf, when to order more, and take periodic physical inventories or cycle counts.

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Frequently asked questions

Here we explain some of the frequently asked questions about our services and some of the terminologies realtede to our services. If your question is not listed here please feel free to contact us.

- Land & Building
Property Plant & Equipment
Motor Vehicles
Office Equipment
Furniture & Fitting

-  Initial creation of FA database from multiple sources in an organization,
-  Physical verification including bar coding, & RFID solutions.
-  Reconciliation of physical results with FA registers and provision of solutions for the gaps identified.
-  Define process and controls for tracking life cycle of assets.

-  Over 40% improvement in employee productivity during audit cycles.
-  Over 10 to 20% reduction in over payment of taxes.
-   Over 15% reduction in insurance premiums by proactively identifying retired assets.
-   Achieve 99% accuracy of fixed asset financial statements.
-  100% of global fixed assets reconciled to meet audit & regulatory requirements.
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Frequently asked questions

Our Aproach

Physical verification, Image Capture, Tagging Scanning & Reconciliation

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Physical Verification

Physical verification involves our staff together with yours Physically identifying asset on site to ensure that they actually exist.


Tagging involves tagging assets using Barcode enabled tags


Scanning involves scanning asset barcodes using scanners for uploading into the Asset Tracking Software

Updating & Reconciliation - FAR

Reconciliation to the existing Asset register what is on site not on the register and vice versa

Image Capture

Image capture involves taking images of the Asset on site using GPS enable cameras

Asset Categories

Let Keycon perform a bar-code audit of your fixed assets & build an accurate database.

  • All
  • Land & Building
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Office Equipement
  • Office Furniture

Land & BuildingLand & Building


Office EquipementOffice Equipement


Plant & MachineryPlant & Machinery




Office FurnitureOffice Furniture


Office FurnitureOffice Furniture


Motor VehiclesMotor Vehicles


Land & BuildingLand & Building









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Let Keycon perform a barcode audit of your fixed assets & build an accurate database.

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LetKeycon perform a barcode audit of your fixed assets & build an accurate database.

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